ShortlandCo Wealth Management is a growing boutique financial services practice located in Alice Springs. It was created as we saw a strong and growing need for quality advice with a regular ongoing review service in Alice Springs and the Northern Territory in general.

With 16 years experience in the Financial Planning Industry, Harris believes that many businesses focus a high percentage of their time finding new clients and less or no time in servicing those clients once the initial plan has been implemented.

At ShortlandCo Wealth Management we believe that by providing good quality ongoing service many clients are comfortable in referring their family and friends to our practice. Balanced with a dedicated ongoing review service, the staff of ShortlandCo Wealth ManagementF ensure client’s financial plans are on track to meet their changing needs and objectives.

We charge an initial consultation fee of $110.00 and this is designed to discuss the prospective client’s financial plan requirements.

We will charge a fee for the preparation of a Statement of Advice. This fee varies from $660.00 – $4,500.00 and is dependant upon the complexity and the time required to deliver the highest standard of advice.

We are committed to act in the best interest of our clients and are passionate in our endeavour to provide excellent customer service. Our aim is to be proactive and deliver above client expectations

What makes us different?

We are committed to providing the very best advice and customer service. The experience of our professional staff and our association with related professionals ensures all your needs are addressed when developing your path to financial fitness.

We offer long-term financial solutions, not simple product recommendations.

We understand it takes time to establish a picture of your financial future. We take the time to listen and really understand your needs and your goals.

You will be in partnership with a team of professionals, not just one person. Together we will make sure that you stay on track.

We remain focused on providing advice that assists you in becoming financially fit for life.